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    Nearly 40 years ago, in the earliest days of Popco, servicing the food industry was an important part of our business. Specifically, we were involved in the production of spring-loaded merchandising trays for food coolers. This work then led to our production of vacuum-formed trays, again, servicing the food industry.

    Over the course of many projects, we came to develop trays in all sorts of styles: some branded; some not; some colored; others clear; branded trays that were embossed, or hot-stamped or with labels applied.

    A constant on these projects is that one size does not fit all. Popco customers merchandise their projects in packaging that varies wildly in size and style. And, of course, branding is going to be unique to a customer. This is why we don’t offer vacuum-formed trays as a stock item. Instead, we work with our customers to develop trays specific to their needs.

    If you are in the food industry and you’re looking for merchandising options for your products, be aware that Popco can help. From concept to design to production, Popco can offer decades of experience in the production of vacuum-formed tray. We’ve given a great deal of thought to food and the marketing of food packages.

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